TVRC Nickers Full-Length Mid-Rise Leggings

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These custom logoed TVRC NIckers are thanks to one of our very own TVRC Alumni, Orly White, of Wapiti, Wyoming.

Functional Leggings for the Ride of YOUR life.

Nickers answer the question "What do I wear to keep my legs from getting chafed when I ride?!" and beyond that provide performance and functionality for women of all walks and rides of life.

Featured in Western Horseman Magazine as a "Cow Camp Necessity," Nickers will take you from horseback to the yoga studio to the backcountry in comfort and style.


Extra Petite:  Waist: 20-23"   Hip: 26-28"

Petite:  Waist: 23-25"   Hip: 28-32"

XS:  Waist: 25-30"   Hip: 33-36"  

S:    Waist: 28-32"   Hip: 37-39"